Kickin' Some Ass to Get Your Sexy Back

How this single mom got her sexy back without spending hours at the gym or giving up carbs...

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The Kick Ass Body starts you on my KickinFit Method, which is a unique system to achieve stronger legs, tight abs, and toned arms and shoulders. This method implements elements of kickboxing and martial arts with HIIT training, along with a unique strength and balance method to give you a kick ass body... Jump into the Facebook accountability community to share wins and ask questions!

What else do you get? You get ME! My name is Jodi (the Jedi) and I am a personal trainer, coach, single mom, and a black belt! Being a former competitive gymnast, I have been in the fitness industry since I was young, but decided to make a career out of it in 2015. I have a passion to help people become better versions of themselves. I have an eye for details and a focus on form, so that you can continue being successful to reach your goals. I am only an email or message away if you need help!

After the "Core" Course, you will be taken into Level 1 to take your goals to the next level. New content will be added every few days with live/recorded workouts, and new at-your-pace workouts. Under the "Kickin' It with the Kids", you will have also workouts that you can do with your kids, teaching them the value of fitness and helps with family time! "Nutrition Unleashed" gives valuable tips to help you reach your goals faster, and includes a High-Protein Recipe pack.


What is the difference between the 6 Week Challenge and the Online Training Plans?

The 6 Week Challenge is a one-time purchase to get you started with my program. It builds a solid foundation regarding balance, stability, and core strength--all which are vital in order to begin a fitness regimen. Even if you have already done other fitness programs, getting "back to basics" can actually help you take your fitness to the next level. The online training is a continual monthly subscription to the app and all its content. New content is constantly being added plus you have access to "build your own" workout feature., and more self-defense training.


Is your online training a martial arts school?

No. While I have two separate black belts in different martial arts disciplines, I implement kickboxing style moves into strength and cardio training. I focus on form and technique in order for members to safely perform the exercises, preventing injury and maximizing the benefit of the exercises. You will learn basic kicks and punches that are incorporated into the workouts. You can also learn basic self defense moves to defend yourself against certain physical attacks. Kickboxing is a great way to torch fat and build muscle!


What Equipment Do I Need?

Not much at all! Most of the workouts are bodyweight and just a minimum amount of equipment. A set of dumbbells that's challenging for you, and a bench, sturdy chair, or stool will be needed in some workouts as well. Level 2 will utilize a little more equipment such as mini bands, but you definitely won't break the bank on equipment.

Before and After Pics (I'm the Guinea Pig!)

5 years ago after losing my "baby weight", but before I truly started my fitness journey (left)

I am stronger and leaner now than I have ever been in my ENTIRE life!

17.9% Body Fat (left)

15.5 % Body Fat after fine-tuning my diet (without cutting carbs!)

When I started my fitness career (left)

Now I'm better, faster, stronger, and happier!

Stop Saying I Wish

Start Saying I Will

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